Spacebits #2 is out!

Hi Folks!

A brief break from comics for some exciting news!

I’ve finished up the second issue of a zine called “Spacebits” that I do with my friend Tom (who does hilarious reviews of movies he doesn’t watch, here:

“Spacebits #2: The Journal of Mediocre Dining & Domestic Travel” features terrible travel tips, unusual restaurant reviews, and a variety of other humorous travel and dining-themed articles, all from an amusing cast of dimwitted and misguided characters.

Spacebits #2 is available at:

for a grand total of $2 ($1.50 plus $0.50 for shipping to the US / $1 to Canada / $2.50 to other destinations).

ALSO!  As a bonus, if you order Spacebits #2 you’ll get a free PDF DOWNLOAD of “Cereal with a Fork: 100 Cartoons of Varying, but Mostly Poor, Quality.”

That’s right, for the whopping price of a cheap draft beer, you get a combined total of almost 160-pages of entertainment, and can have something to read on the train / win over that girl in math class with / give to your kids (or better yet, other people’s kids) for Christmas!

You can read some sample pages from Spacebits #2 here, here, and here.

And now, back to a Cereal with a Fork drawing frenzy so that I can post new comics while I’m briefly escaping from Boston to San Diego for the holidays (see this post).



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2 Responses to Spacebits #2 is out!

  1. The Hook says:

    Congrats on the zine! You’ll be ruling the publishing world in no time!

  2. Jen Evans says:

    I just started reading your comics (and love them!). But when I read the link for your first Spacebits zine, I read the url address as “guy whore views movies”. Awesomeness.

    Keep up the incredible work and congrats on your zine!

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