Cereal with a Fork

Cereal with a Fork

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Contact: burnwagonpress@gmail.com
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16 Responses to Cereal with a Fork

  1. Took me nearly two months to draw this.

  2. ivarakbar says:

    Reblogged this on ivar akbar.

  3. reddecatur says:

    Cool toon…just happy to see a post…)))

  4. sketchtexts says:


  5. asoulwalker says:

    Oh thank goodness. Please tell me this means you are coming back to us.

  6. neongreenmilk says:

    Haha, gud one. Dang it how does everyone get so many followers in the first place? I just started… I don’t know where to go…

  7. Lokenberg training & consultancy says:

    Definetly like the shoes

  8. Tara says:

    This drawing made me laugh, thank you! I just discovered your blog the other day!

  9. mmbuckle says:

    “That’s not a beer belly, it’s a burgundy belly and it was very expensive”

  10. True story: when I was pregnant and just starting to show, I was wearing a sweatshirt like this one. I was stopped going into a movie theater because they thought I was smuggling snacks. Good thing they didn’t check my purse, which was basically lined with M&Ms…

  11. francesdot says:

    Haha, this is what thousands of us look like over Christmas!
    I also draw! Just started a new doodle blog, would be grateful if people check it out 🙂

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